Dental Implants

Have you lost a tooth to decay or gum disease? Dental implants are an excellent solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Implants look and feel just like your own natural teeth and have been performed successfully for decades. Dr. Mone performs dental implants for patients who wish to have a more permanent solution for their dental restoration.

Dental implants can be placed immediately in some cases upon the loss of a tooth and Dr. Mone specializes in this type of immediate tooth replacement.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Many patients have difficulty functioning comfortably with complete dentures. Dental implants can be an effective solution to improve comfort and function for denture wearers.

Two or four implants can be utilized to stabilize upper and lower complete dentures and provide confidence and comfort for denture wearers.

Single Missing Tooth

One of the preferred approaches for single tooth replacement is a single dental implant. It is a conservative treatment approach that protects adjacent teeth. It can provide a long term stable and comfortable tooth replacement.

Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental implants can be used to replace multiple missing teeth. Two or more dental implants can support three or more missing teeth to provide a comfortable, functional restoration.

All-On-4 Dental Implants

The All-on-4 technique is designed to restore an entire upper or lower jaw of missing teeth. This procedure uses four implants to provide immediate tooth replacement and avoid the use of bone grafting in areas where bone is minimal.

Dental Implant Consultation

Dr. Mone will do a thorough evaluation of the health of your gums, teeth, and bone. The evaluation may include x-rays, CT scans, and measuring the gum pocket depths around your teeth. After evaluating the density of the bone available and other factors, Dr. Mone can determine the best treatment plan options for replacement of your missing teeth.

Dr. Mone has a state of the art cone beam CT scanner in office to provide convenient treatment evaluation for his patients.